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Let's Electrify the Economy Together

Driven is the nation’s leading tool for tracking and managing the conceptualization, design, promotion, and execution of projects for electrifying transportation and the broader economy.

At Driven, we believe data is the most powerful tool we have to electrify everything. Our tracking and program management tool is used by utilities, government agencies, nonprofits, and other entities working to modernize and decarbonize our planet by electrifying multiple sectors.

Secure, effortless, customizable, and precise – contact us to learn how Driven can help you accurately and efficiently advance your mission.


Track every aspect of your electrification program and even compare them to national benchmarks. Find out what’s working, where adjustments can be made, and anticipate demand as your programs grow.

crm management

Manage your relevant customer data in one place. Compliment existing internal CRMs with the secure information at your fingertips.

lead generation

Capture and track your progress with leads. Develop campaigns and work with partners to manage resources from a central dashboard.

incentive management

Deliver and track incentive programs from a central dashboard. Evaluate impact of integrated marketing campaigns on incentive management in real time.

crm integration

Seamlessly integrates with your CRM while maintaining the highest possible data security and privacy standards.

evaluate impact

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and track market shifts in real time.

program management

Keep program tools in one secure location accessible only to you and your team.


Need a feature not yet available? We’ll work with you to make Driven the tool you need.

Who is Using Driven?

Driven’s powerful capabilities are serving a wide array of entities that are delivering electrification programs.

Examples include:

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